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Operations Model and Cycle In terms of back stage of operations, Mama Mia would make negotiations with suppliers and have the necessary items delivered to the warehouse. These items are then recorded in our database and held as inventory. The front stage of our operations begins in which customers will be able to enter our website and view a list of products under each category based on product type and stage of pregnancy. Then the customers would pick and choose the products they would want to receive and design their own customized package and send us their orders. In the back stage of operations, this order would be processed by our internal data management system and would be reviewed by an employee who would send each order’s specifications to the 3PL. The 3PL would sort and arrange the specified products into the gift packages and ship them to the customers. Because our products are exclusive and available for niche markets, the bottlenecks in our manufacturing and service delivery process would most likely arise due to the limited availability of supplies and inventory when we cannot meet the demand of customer orders. We would address this issue by creating agreements with suppliers to streamline the inventory delivery and payments processes. On the front stage of operations, we would only allow customers to choose a limited number of products for each order by choosing only one product under each category given. This would help prevent these bottlenecks from becoming a frequent occurrence or problem. Mama Mia’s lead-time is estimated to be a few days (2-5) at maximum because our items are mostly non-perishable. During peak periods of our business sales cycle, our lead times would generally be a few days longer and we would hire part-time staff to help process customer orders
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TheWHO_M006_SectionVII - Operations Model and Cycle In...

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