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Unformatted text preview: 1 Prepared By Ashley Stephens CEO . &&5*/( "-- 0' :063 1 3&(/"/$: / &&%4 ¡ 2 Executive Summary Maternity leave is not a common option for expecting mothers anymore. More women are entering the workforce, more families are financially struggling from the recent economic recession and high unemployment rates create heavy job competition that puts pregnant women at risk of losing their jobs if they take a leave of absence. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Family & Medical Leave Act, the two federal laws in place to help expecting mothers and families, provide no job protection to expecting parents and offer unpaid leave for only 60 percent of workers, and millions of them cannot afford to take the unpaid leave it provides. Traditional marketing may portray moms as perfect and happy multi-taskers who can work, take care of their children and their husbands. But in reality, the average expectant mother is working part or full-time to be financially secure for her baby on the way and does not have the time to socialize and shop for her pregnancy needs. She suffers from physical disabilities like back pain that makes it difficult to have the energy to work and continually fears of miscarriage from all the stress received from trying to finish all her tasks in her condition. The expectant mother is most likely a woman in her late 20s to 30s who still needs to pay her student loans and is more and more likely to be unmarried. According to the US Mom Report 2010 and the National Partnership for Women and Families, 1 in 4 moms are college graduates and both parents work for pay in more than 78 percent of today’s families. The expecting mother has a hearty appetite for learning everything she can about her pregnancy most likely through the Internet and social networking sites. Momma Mia will provide an online subscription service that produces and distributes monthly gift packages to expecting mothers that hold items for one’s pregnancy needs. We are taking away one less worry from the lives of these busy expecting mothers by bringing all the things they would need for the pregnancy to their doorstep. Unlike our maternity retail competitors like Destination Maternity and Babies R’ US, Momma Mia would provide a shopping experience customized to each stage of pregnancy and the customer’s preferences and save the time of driving to competitor stores in their weak condition. But most importantly, we would let our expecting mothers know that they are understood, cared for and given the very best support through our gift packages that will also hold pampered items for mothers. There is currently no other online gifting service for pregnant women. Momma Mia aims to provide and bring awareness to high quality and innovative products to customers by partnering with companies who would like to test their newly developed products that are proven to work but may not have much awareness yet. Thus, our time-to-market will be considerably quick compared to physical retail stores that only have...
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TheWho_MommaMia_Final - 1 Prepared By Ashley Stephens...

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