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_molluscum contagiosum

_molluscum contagiosum - Molluscum Contagiosum Virus Talk...

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Talk to your partner(s) about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and your health before you have sex. You can pass on an STI without knowing you have one. During sex, you can use latex condoms to lower your chances of getting STIs. What is molluscum contagiosum? Molluscum contagiosum is an infection caused by a virus. How do you get molluscum contagiosum? It is spread by skin to skin contact with someone who has the infection. How can you tell if you have molluscum contagiosum? Molluscum contagiosum causes growths that may look waxy and pinkish-white. They are firm and have the shape of a dome with a dent in the centre. You can get them around your chest, arms, genitals, thighs, buttocks, and lower abdomen. Molluscum are often found in clusters on the skin. How do you get tested for molluscum contagiosum? There is no special test. A clinician can tell if you have molluscum contagiosum by looking at the growths How is molluscum contagiosum treated?
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