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Vesiculobullous diseases-1

These antibodies are reactive against the these

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Unformatted text preview: gG. These antibodies are reactive against the These desmosomes or the tonofilament complex. desmosomes There destruction or disruption of these There tonofilament complex ,resulting in the loss of attachment from cell to cell attachment path.cont…d path.cont…d PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS The epithelial damage is directly proportion to The the number of the circulating antibobies. the The tonofilament or desmosomes are disrupted The by a proteolytic enzyme which is released by these antibodies . these The cell to cell break down also takes place The through a complement system but this process is not clearly understood . PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS HISTOPATHOLOGY: Intra epithelial vesicles or bulla and cleft like spaces Intra are produced by acantolysis These changes are in the stratum spinosum or the prickle cell layer prickle The basal cell remain attach to the lamina propria The and project into the bulla like tombstones. and Inflammatory cells are very scanty however Inflammatory eosinophils may be seen. eosinophils Acantholytic statum spinosum cells occur singly or Acantholytic are in the forms of clumps lying freely within the blister fluid. These cell loose there polyhedral morphology rather they are small rounded and contain hyper chromatic nuclei called the TAZANK CELLS. CELLS. PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS histology PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS histology histology PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS tazank cells PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS immunoflorecence PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS DIFFRENTIAL DIAGNOSIS: Pempegiod Pempegiod Erthema multiforme Erthema Bullous lichen plannus Bullous PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS TREATMENT: High mortality rates previously High Introduction of systemic corticosteroids like prednisolone in stable cases. like Prednisolone plus azathioprine Prednisolone methotrexate and cyclophospamide in progressed or advance cases. PEMPHGOID PEMPHGOID PEMPHGOID PEMPHGOID Mucous membrane pemphigoid Mucous (cicatricial) CIKA-TRI-CIAL (cicatricial) Bullous pemphigoid Bullous PEMPHGOID PEMPHGOID PATHOLOGY Autoimmune disease Not life threatening Elderly females above 60 yrs of age Loss of attachment and separation of full thickness Loss epithelium from the lamina propria. ep...
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