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Vesiculobullous diseases-1

Vesiculobullous diseases 1

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Unformatted text preview: Vesiculobullous diseases Vesiculobullous PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHGOID ERYTEMA MULTIFORME EPIDERMOLYSIS BULLOSA LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSIS Dr.khurram zafar CLASSIFICATION OF VESICULOBULLOUS DISEASES DISEASES VESICLE&BULLA A clear fluid lesion just below the epithelium which ruptures to form an ulcer, if this is smaller than 5mm then it is a vesicle ,if larger than 5mm than it is a bulla CLASSIFICATION OF VESICULOBULLOUS DISEASES DISEASES CLASSIFICATION INTRA EPITHELIAL VESICLES: The lesion is formed The within the epithelium Acantholytic vesicles : This is because of the break down of specialized attachments called the desmosomes Nonacantholytic vesicles: It is usually in the viral Nonacantholytic It infections because of the death or the rupture of the group of cells. group SUB EPITHELIAL VESICLES: Lesions formed between the Lesions epithelium and the lamina propria eg: epithelium Erthyma multifome Erthyma Phempegoid Phempegoid Dermatitis herpetiformis Dermatitis Epidermolysis bullosa Epidermolysis PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS Autoimmune disease. Common in Ashkenazi and Mediterranean jews . Middle aged females. Other variants are: Pemphius Vegitans Pemphius Pemphigus Foliaceus & Erthematosus Pemphigus Paraneoplastic pemphigus. Paraneoplastic PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS CLINICAL FEATURES: Painful ulcers or bulla are formed which are fluid Painful filled. They can be formed any where in the oral cavity . They The bulla is rapidly ruptured leaving a collapsed roof The of grayish membrane with a red ulcerated base.The ulcer may look like an apthous ulcer or may be large map shaped. map Nikolsky sign is positive. C/F con…d C/F PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS Some time the ulcers are joined together to make a Some confluence this condition is very painful. confluence It has a variable course might involve skin, It oesophagus, cervix. Protein/fluid,electrolyte and weight loss /secondary infections. infections. Fatal if untreated. Fatal PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS PATHOGENESIS: It is an autoimmune disease There are circulating antibodies of type I...
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