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Reading 11 Gregg v. Georgia The U.S. Supreme Court

Reading 11 Gregg v. Georgia The U.S. Supreme Court - 4 It...

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Review 1. They ruled that the verdict of death for robbery was not acceptable, because that penalty is rarely imposed in Georgia for that offense. 2. The basic concept underlying the eighth amendment is that the punishment of death is “cruel and unusual” punishment. 3. The two ways punishment might be excessive is unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain, and the punishment must not be out of proportion to the severity of the crime.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. It doesn’t violate contemporary standards of decency, because it is regarded as an appropriate and necessary sanction. 5. It serves two purposes retribution and deterrence. 6. Discretion must be suitably directed and limited. 7. He says the death penalty is excessive. A less severe penalty could be carried out, and there is no correlation between capital punishment and lower rates of capital crime....
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