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09 - today's topics reminder listening quiz in sections...

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6/4/07 1 Lecture 9, Sept. 25 Early African American Music 6/4/07 2 today’s topics reminder: listening quiz in sections African American musical links to Africa Some early types of African American music Blues 6/4/07 3 Feels Like Going Home PBS film by Martin Scorsese (2003) following blues guitarist Corey Harris in a quest for his African American & African musical roots 6/4/07 4 www.usnews.com/usnews/travel/ articles/010423/nycu/blues.htm Marginal Survival (again) the Mississippi Delta 1920s: some commercial recording 1930s & 40s: collecting by John Lomax & his son, Alan 1950s & 60s: other collectors including David Evans (author of assigned reading on blues)
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6/4/07 5 some intriguing similarities Alan Lomax edited Roots of the Blues (1977) juxtaposing African American & African songs: 1. field holler (from Louisiana and from Senegal) 2. Dakpa tree felling song (Central African Republic) compared to “Berta, Berta” (prison work song) 3. “Nzombi” (Aka pygmy of Central African Republic) compared to “Emmaline Take Your Time” played quills (kind of panpipe) Listen to these tracks on Musilan under topic “African/Early African American” 6/4/07 6 contexts for African American music-making in late 19th and early 20th centuries
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