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CS3214 Fall 2011 Exercise 8 Due: Thursday, Dec 8, 2011. 11:59pm (remaining late days apply). What to submit: Send email to [email protected] when you are ready to demo. 1. Running Your Web Server In The Cloud In this short exercise, you are asked to demonstrate your Project 6 implementation on a virtual machine that is part of the Amazon EC2 cloud computing infrastructure. You must demonstrate the web service integrated into a HTML page, similar to (or an improved version of) the one shown at index.html That is, all files (.html, .css, .js, etc.) should be served from your cloud instance.
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Unformatted text preview: 1 If any weaknesses are found during your demonstration, you will have a chance to fix them. Please note that this in an individual exercise, even though you worked in a group for the project. Each group member must demonstrate the project separately to obtain credit for this exercise. Don’t forget to turn off your virtual machine after we have acknowledged your demo to avoid the accrual of unwanted costs. 1 If you didn’t implement serving files in your project 6, you may have to set up a web server such as Apache. However, it is possible to perform this exercise even if your project 6 meets only minimum requirements. 1...
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