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CS 3214 Fall 2011 Midterm Preparation 1/1 Date: Tuesday, Oct 25 usual class time (75 min) Location: usual classroom Format: The midterm exam will consist of 3-5 multipart questions. It will be closed book, closed notes, closed computer/without wireless access. However, you are allowed to bring one letter- sized sheet of paper with prepared notes (you may use front and back of that sheet.) You will be able to use that sheet for the final exam as well, so hold on to it after the exam. You are responsible for the content of lectures 1 through 17. This content includes, among others: ± Machine-level representations of programs: stack discipline, use
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Unformatted text preview: of machine instructions and registers, etc.; role of the compiler ± Linking and loading: static and dynamic linking, scoping ± Processes: dual-mode operation, context switching, mode switching, process states ± Unix process API, system call use, use of signals ± Memory management: dynamic storage management, explicit algorithms and automatic storage management (garbage collection); memory debugging tools ± Unix I/O, Standard I/O Our textbook covers this material in Chapters 1, 3, 5-8, and 11. The midterm may also contain questions related to projects 1 to 3 and exercises 1-6....
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