gcc2 - CS3214 Fall 2011 Exercise 3 Due: Monday, Sep 19,...

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CS3214 Fall 2011 Exercise 3 Due: Monday, Sep 19, 2011. 11:59pm (no extensions). What to submit: A tar file that should contain the following files: answers.txt - an ASCII file with answers for questions 1, 2, and 3. For answers 4-6, which ask for code, include files named log-solution.c , vadd-asm.c , vadd-intrinsics.c , nested-test-solution.c in your tar file. Use the submit.pl script in ˜ cs3214/bin/submit.pl to submit your tar file from the com- mand line, or use the submit website. Use the identifier ’ex3.’ This exercise is intended to reinforce the content of lectures 3-6. As before, you’re asked to use gcc 4.1.2 as installed on the rlogin cluster. Specify the -O switch unless the question asks otherwise. 1. Structure Alignments. As discussed in lecture and the book, a C compiler may use padding to align fields in a struct according to a set of conventions, which vary between architectures, OSs, and sometimes compiler versions. The directory ˜ cs3214/bin contains three compilers mgcc1 , mgcc2 , and mgcc3 . Find out at which multiples these compiler align fields of types short , int , and long . Which com- piler uses the default alignment used on Linux/x86 64? Type mgcc1 mgcc2 mgcc3 short int long x86 64 default alignment rules (yes/no)? 2. Variations on Passing Arguments. As discussed in lecture, there are different ways in which a function might prepare the arguments for the function(s) it calls, without violating the assumptions made by the IA32 ABI specification. It is useful to gain an intuition regarding these variations. Consider the following variation of the call_swap() function shown in Lecture. void swap(int * xp, int * yp) { int t0 = * xp; int t1 = * yp; * yp = t0; * xp = t1; } int zip1 = 15213; int zip2 = 91125; void call_swap(void) { swap(&zip1, &zip2); swap(&zip1, &zip2); } 1
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CS3214 Fall 2011 Exercise 3 Compile this code with the following flags (in this order): A gcc -m32 -S -O -mno-accumulate-outgoing-args swap.c B gcc -m32 -S -O -fno-defer-pop -mno-accumulate-outgoing-args swap.c C gcc -m32 -S -O swap.c D gcc -m32 -S -O -mregparm=2 swap.c For each variant, trace the value of the stack pointer relative to the position it had
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gcc2 - CS3214 Fall 2011 Exercise 3 Due: Monday, Sep 19,...

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