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1 CS 3214 Computer Systems Godmar Back Lecture 10 Announcements • Exercise 4 due Sep 30 – Brand new! – Reverse-engineering and observation exercise • Project 3 due Oct 14 CS 3214 Fall 2011 THREADS AND PROCESSES Part 1 CS 3214 Fall 2011 Processes • Def: An instance of a program in execution • OS provides each process with key abstractions – Logical control flow • 1 flow – single-threaded process • Multiple flows – multi-threaded process – Private address space – Abstracted resources: e.g., stdout/stdin file descriptors • These abstractions create the illusion that each process has access to its own – CPU (or CPUs for multi-threaded processes) – Memory – Devices: e.g., terminal CS 3214 Fall 2011 A Context Switch Scenario Process 1 Process 2 Timer interrupt: P1 is preempted, context switch to P2 I/O device interrupt: P2’s I/O complete switch back to P2 CS 3214 Fall 2011 Kernel user mode kernel mode System call: (trap): P2 starts I/O operation, blocks context switch to process 1 Timer interrupt: P2 still has time left, no context switch Reasoning about Processes: Process States RUNNING Process must wait for event Scheduler picks process Process preempted CS 3214 Fall 2011 • Only 1 process (per CPU) can be in RUNNING state READY BLOCKED Event arrived
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2 Process States • RUNNING: – Process is on CPU, its instructions are executed • READY: – Process could make progress if a CPU were available • BLOCKED: – Process cannot make progress even if a CPU were available because it’s waiting for something (e.g., a resource, a signal, a
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Lecture10-intro-to-processes-part2 - Announcements Exercise...

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