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1 CS 3214 Computer Systems Godmar Back Supplementary Material NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION CS 3214 Some of these slides are substantially derived from slides provided by Jim Kurose & Keith Ross. Copyright on this material is held by Kurose & Ross. Used with permission. The textbook is Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach Featuring the Internet Jim Kurose, Keith Ross, Addison-Wesley, July 2004 NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION CS 3214 NAT: Network Address Translation gogo.rlogin umaro.rlogin /hn1.rlogin local network (e.g., home network) 192.168.5/24 rest of Internet CS 3214 kefka.rlogin Datagrams with source or destination in this network have 192.168.5.* address for source, destination (as usual) All datagrams leaving local network have same single source NAT IP address:, different source port numbers NAT: Network Address Translation • Motivation: local network uses just one IP address as far as outside word is concerned: – no need to be allocated range of addresses from ISP: - just one IP address is used for all devices
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Supplementary-networking-nat-ipv4 - CS 3214 Computer...

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