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CEE 3604: Introduction to Transportation Engineering Fall 2009 Final Exam 1 (2 hours) Instructor: Trani Problem 1 (25%) A pedestrian crossing geometry is shown in Figure 1. This pedestrian crossing involves stopping traffic in all lanes allowing pedestrians to cross the road during busy football games. The traffic engineer suggests providing pedestrians with a 20 second green cycle to cross all 4 lanes as shown. During the busy morning period, the Northbound traffic has been recorded to be 1200 vehicles per lane. Note that there are two lanes heading North. The engineer suggests using a 40 second effective green time for the autos arriving to the pedestrian crossing. a) In the space provided (Figure 2), sketch the vehicle queueing diagram for this pedestrian crossing considering the combined automobile flows arriving and departing both Northbound lanes. Label the arrival function ( λ ) and the service function ( μ ). Also label the red and green times for the Northbound traffic. Identify = 1200 per lane (arrival function), = 2000 saturation flow per lane. For two lanes the highway can handle 4000 vehicles per hour (saturation flow) or 1.11 vehicles per second. The equivalent arrival flow for two lanes is 2,400 vehicles/hr or 0.6667 vehicles per second. Assume the intersection starts with a red light for the vehicles. Figure 2. Rate diagram (top) and queue length diagram (bottom). Maximum queue length is 13.334 vehicles. Name ________________ Solution CEE 3604 Final Exam Trani Page 1 of 7
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South bound traffic is zero.
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qfinal_cee3604_2009_solution - Name Solution CEE 3604...

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