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CEE 3604: Introduction to Transportation Engineering Fall 2011 Exam 1 (Solution) Problem 1 (40) A traffic engineer collects data at a busy section of highway 23. The highway has 4 lanes - two per side. The data collected for one lane is plotted in Figure 1. The engineer suspects Greenberg’s model applies to the traffic situation. Figure 1. Collected Traf±c Data. a) Do you agree with the engineer’s view that Greenberg’s model may apply. Briefly explain. Yes the data suggests a symmetric parabola is not a good fit. Greenberg’s model seems a better fit. b) Assuming Greenberg’s traffic flow model applies, find the speed of the traffic for maximum flow ( c ). By inspection the density for maximum flow is 29 veh/km-lane. The speed for maximum flow is 60 km/hr. c) Write down the equation for Greenberg’s traffic flow model for the data shown in Figure 1. In your equation include the numerical values for Greenberg’s two model parameters: a) jamming concentration ( k j ) and b) speed for maximum flow ( c ). No points will be given if you just write the general Greenberg equation model without numerical values for k j and c .
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quiz_1_cee3604_2011 solution - Name Signature CEE 3604...

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