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CEE 3604: Introduction to Transportation Engineering Fall 2011 Exam 2 (Open Notes) Problem 1 (50 Points) An airport in Europe has the runway configuration shown in Figure 1. Due to the proximity of the parallel runways and in order to improve runway safety, the airport only allows arrivals on the North runway (runway 09L). Departures are assigned to the South runway (runway 09R) as shown in Figure 1. Arrivals on runway 09L operate independently of departures on runway 09R. Figure 1. Runway Confguration ±or Problem 1. A summary of the operational data collected at the airport is shown in Tables 1-3. Table 1 shows the operational data for the two aircraft groups using this airport (i.e., heavy and large). Tables 2 and 3 show the arrival-arrival and departure-departure separations enforced by Air Traffic Control (ATC). The airport has a radar facility to control arrivals and departures. The common approach path leading to runway 09L is 10 nautical nautical miles. a) Find the maximum number of arrivals and departures the airport can process. b) Draw the arrival-capacity diagram for the complete airport (i.e., include the capacity results of both runways in the same diagram) in the space provided (Figure 2) indicating the values of arrivals and departures on the key the points used to draw the envelope. Three points is enough to get a satisfactory diagram. c) Comment, do not calculate, how could you increase the departure capacity of the airport.
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quiz_2_cee3604_2011_sol - Name _ Signature _ CEE 3604:...

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