TAF_airports_class2007 - Year Airport ID Name State Large...

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Unformatted text preview: Year Airport ID Name State Large Air Carier Pasengers Comuter Air Carier PasengersLatitude (seconds) Longitude (seconds) 2050V MEADOW LAKE CO 0140204.6960N 376451.6160W 20501G PERY-WARSAW NY 0153868.8480N 280987.490W 20502A GRAG -WADE FIELD AL 018261.740N 31801.170W 20502C CAPITOL WI 01515.0360N 31740.3290W 20502G COLUMBIANA COUNTY OH 0146423.9260N 290309.0630W 20504Y HAWLEY MUNI MN 0168781.750N 346860.9350W 20505C GRIF ITH-MERILVILE IN 0149471.4276N 314638.287W 20505U EUREKA NV 0142575.0 N 417618.2150W 20506A MOTON FIELD MUNI AL 016857.6980N 30848.130W 20506C SCHAUMBURG REGIONAL IL 015161.6270N 317164.4740W 20506D ROLA MUNI ND 0175983.6280N 358635.1570W 20506N RANDAL NY 014915.0580N 267809.7410W 20507F GLADEWATER MUNI TX 017103.8268N 341898.287W 20507K CENTRAL CITY MUNI - LARY REINENE 014805.40 N 352986.240W 20508A WETUMPKA MUNI AL 017105.9820N 310781.5970W 20508D STANLEY MUNI ND 017382.8750N 36862.8650W 20508K HARVARD STATE NE 014634.9870N 353087.2320W 20509A BUTLER-CHOCTAW COUNTY AL 015629.5270N 317258.8650W 20509K SARGENT MUNI NE 0149893.0230N 357625.3730W 2050A3 SMITHVILE MUNI TN 0129547.1230N 308913.5450W 2050A9 ELIZABETHTON MUNI TN 0130936.40 N 295824.30 W 2050B5 TURNERS FALS MA 015328.9090N 261081.9170W 2050B8 ELIZABETH FIELD NY 0148504.7090N 259313.8010W 2050D8 GET YSBURG MUNI SD 0161952.1674N 359830.193W 2050F8 WILIAM R. POGUE MUNI OK 0130230.940N 346146.6260W 2050G0 NORTH BUF ALO SUBURBAN NY 015171.4620N 283 2.0450W 2050G6 WILIAMS COUNTY OH 0149282.50 N 30423.60 W 2050G7 FINGER LAKES REGIONAL NY 0154381.130N 27641.9490W 2050I8 CYNTHIANA-HARISON COUNTY KY 013818.190N 303420.040W 2050K7 HUMBOLDT MUNI IA 0153849.8970N 39282.870W 2050M4 BENTON COUNTY TN 0129640.4170N 317243.8380W 2050M5 HUMPHREYS COUNTY TN 013019.7590N 315857.3720W 2050O4 CORNING MUNI CA 0143797.10 N 439816.10 W 2050O5 UNIVERSITY CA 0138713.2640N 438431.360W 2050R0 COLUMBIA-MARION COUNTY MS 01269.290N 32326.1860W 2050R1 ATMORE MUNI AL 01 658.3750N 314808.350W 2050R3 ABEVILE CHRIS CRUSTA MEMORLA 0107912.7390N 31502.9460W 2050R4 CONCORDIA PARISH LA 013640.5980N 32940.4280W 2050S7 DOROTHY SCOT WA 0176252.2740N 42983.0640W 2050S9 JEF ERSON COUNTY INTL WA 017293.710N 4218.3170W 2050V2 HARIET ALEXANDER FIELD CO 0138740.90N 381765.0540W 2050V3 PIONER VILAGE FIELD NE 0145853.6850N 356204.3430W 2050V6 MISION SIOUX SD 015905.0120N 36261.4970W 20510C GALT FIELD IL 0152650.40 N 318150.40 W 20510D WINSTED MUNI MN 0161819.860N 38640.9030W 20510G HOLMES COUNTY OH 014593.80 N 295035.70 W 2051R BRENHAM MUNI TX 010878.40 N 346947.40 W 20512D TOWER MUNI MN 0172146.0 N 3250.0 W 20512J BREWTON MUNI AL 01 782.1890N 313436.2960W 20512K SUPERIOR MUNI NE 01416.90 N 353016.40 W 20512Y LE SUEUR MUNI MN 015974.8730N 38085.8670W 20513C LAKEVIEW AIRPORT-GRIF ITH FIEMI 0156427.6940N 306953.2920W 20513K EUREKA MUNI KS 0136265.6970N 34650.130W 20513MA METROPOLITAN MA 015203.8340N 260320.930W 20514J CARL FOLSOM AL 013076.150N 30925.210W30925....
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TAF_airports_class2007 - Year Airport ID Name State Large...

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