AOE Undergraduate Curriculum Review and Reform

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AOE Undergraduate Curriculum Review and Reform April 22, 2005 1. Review of current AE curriculum (5-10 minutes) Package for advisory board includes presentation, curriculum package, block diagram of curriculum dependencies, ABET a-k, Boeing Attributes, course objectives for all required u/g courses 2. Description of issues that have been identified (5-10 minutes) Perhaps unbalanced emphasis on engineering science Lack of “avionics” in curriculum Need for improved technical writing training 3. Discussion of range of specific reform possibilities Minor revisions to existing courses (e.g., adding avionics material in several
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Unformatted text preview: courses) Minor changes in required courses and sequencing (e.g., omitting restructuring to achieve a 133-credit curriculum) Major changes in required courses (e.g., complete restructuring of dynamics and control sequences) Major reform of curriculum structure (e.g., developing a “studio” course for each semester, or for each year) 4. Break-out groups Hall : Space and/or Dynamics & Control Kapania : Structures Neu : Ocean Simpson : Fluids 5. Lunch Groups charged with providing specific recommendations...
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