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AOE COURSE SYLLABUS AOE 5984 Advanced Spacecraft Dynamics and Control Professor teaching  the course:  Hall References:    Selected papers and book chapters will be made available, in addition to lecture notes. Description:   This course will provide  a continuation  of AOE 4140 Spacecraft Dynamics   and  Control, to include  advanced  topics appropriate for students  beginning  research in  this field. Justification:   Several graduate  and  undergraduate  students  in AOE are involved  in the   design  and  analysis of spacecraft dynamics and  control systems, primarily within  the   Space Systems Simulation  Laboratory.  The topics covered  in this course will provide  the   necessary background  for these projects, as well as for spacecraft control systems in  
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Unformatted text preview: general. Approach: The emphasis in this course will be on hands-on applications. Students will develop numerical simulations using the Open-SESSAME C++ framework, with each student adding to this extensible framework. The grade will be based on homeworks (25%), one mid-term exam (25%), and a semester project with report and presentation (50%). SYLLABUS: Topic Percent Review of ADCS Concepts 10% Simulation of Attitude Motion using C++ 15% Linearization and Feedback Control 15% Nonlinear Stability 15% Nonlinear Control 15% Optimal Control 15% Spacecraft Applications 15% 100% Prepared by C. D. Hall, 7/8/2003 Preferred time: M W 2:30 – 3:45...
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