Syllabus03 - AOE5984Advanced SpacecraftAttitude Dynamics...

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AOE 5984 — Advanced Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control—  Spring 2003 CRN  ? Instructor :  Dr. Chris Hall, Randolph  224D, 231-2314, Lectures:   M W 2:30 – 3:45, Randolph  320 Office hours:   8:00 – 9:30 M T W Th ( or by appointment ) Text:    Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control , C. D. Hall, Lecture Notes posted  on the  course website.   Course Web Page:   Linked  at  http:/ / Handouts  will be posted  on the web page. Advanced Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control:   This course will provide  a  continuation  of AOE 4140 Spacecraft Dynamics and  Control, to include  advanced  topics   appropriate for students  beginning  research in this field.  Pre:  4140.  (3H, 3C).  Goal:   To introduce students  to advanced  dynamics and  control problems  of pointing   spacecraft. Homework Policy:   The emphasis in this course will be on hands-on applications.   Students  will develop  numerical simulations  using the Open-SESSAME C++  framework, with each student  adding  to this extensible framework.  The grade will be  based  on homeworks  (25%), one mid-term exam (25%), and  a semester project with   report and  presentation  (50%).
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This note was uploaded on 01/01/2012 for the course AOE 5984 taught by Professor Devenport during the Fall '08 term at Virginia Tech.

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Syllabus03 - AOE5984Advanced SpacecraftAttitude Dynamics...

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