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AOE2074 Computer Methods G AOE2104 Intro to AE G ESM 2104 Statics S MATH 2224 Multivar Calc PHYS 2306 Phys II AOE3094 AOE Matls S AOE3104 A/C Perf CFG ESM 2204 Deformable S ESM 2304 Dynamics C MATH 2214 ODEs AOE3014 Aero/Hydro F AOE3024 Thin-wall S AOE 3034 CS MATH 4564 Oper. Meth. ME 3134 Thermo F AOE3114 Compress. F AOE3124 Aero Struct S AOE 3134 C AOE 3054 Exp. Meth. GW AOE3044 Boundary
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Unformatted text preview: Layer F AOE4234 Propulsion F AOE 4065 Design DW AOE 4154 Exp. Meth. GW AOE 4065 Design DW AOE 4134 Astrodyn. C Fall Soph Spring Soph Fall Junior Spring Junior Fall Senior Spring Senior C = dynamics & Control D = Design F = Fluids G = General S = Structures W = Writing Aircraft Design Track...
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