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WaltersLetter - Vlrgillgmalh Tech Robert W Walters Ph D w...

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Unformatted text preview: Vlrgillgmalh Tech Robert W. Walters, Ph. D. w VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE Department Head AND STATE UNIVERSITY Aerospace and Ocean Engineering 215 Randolph Hal], Mail Code 0203 Blacksburg, VA 24061 March 11, 2005 Dr. Gary A. Gabriele Division Director, Engineering Education and Centers National Science Foundation Dear Dr. Gabriele: I am pleased to endorse this proposal, "Aerospace Engineering - Design Across the Curriculum," that is being submitted by a small team of my colleagues. We have been discussing curriculum reform within our department for some time and have made incremental changes over the years; however, there has not been a major restructuring in many years. I believe that the proposed concept of introducing design and other professional skills throughout the curriculum is sound, and that these educators have the creativity, energy, and leadership required to develop an implemental plan and to follow through with the proposed changes. Sincerely, WW Robert W. Walters, PhD. Professor and Department Head A land-Grant University—The Commonwealth Is Our Campus An Equal Opportunity / Afiirmative Action Institution ...
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