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6/13/07 Lecture 15, Oct. 18 6/13/07 Musical Choices of Chinese Americans Chinese opera performances and fan clubs Chinese instrumental music clubs Church choirs European art music Popular music see Sue Zheng’s article for further detail 6/13/07 Chinese Opera in America First performance: 1852 in SF, company from Guangdong up to 4 opera houses in SF Chinatown, spread to NY Cantonese opera predominated, but activity greatly decreased after WWII Beijing opera was introduced as more Mandarin speakers immigrated continuing presence in Chinatown theater performances Kunqu opera , a venerated, highly literate form has been focus of very small group of Chinese Americans but presented last year at UC as high art 6/13/07 Chinese Instrumental Music in US clubs, mainly in Chinatown reach out beyond Chinese community to broader audiences reinforced by recent immigrants who are prestigious performers enterprising musicians since ca. 1980 have created schools, ensembles, websites, etc.
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6/13/07 Choirs choral music came to China in the late 19th century through Christian missionaries. used for political and religious purposes
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15%20Music%20_%20Chinese%20Americans - Musical Choices of...

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