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Introduction to the Guqin Lecturer: Wang Fei UC Berkeley October 11, 2007 Gu Qin Old, ancient Musical instrument Meaning of the characters Scholarly arts In imperial China, a well educated scholar was expected to be skilled in four arts: qin (the guqin ) qi (the game of Go) shu (calligraphy) hua (painting) People historically associated with Qin playing • Poets • Philosophers • Scholars • Officials Importance of the qin today • In 2003, UNESCO recognized the art of the guqin as a world Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The instrument • 7 strings • No frets or bridges • Pitch depends on the length of the vibrating part of the strings • Pitch is controlled by stopping the string with the left hand
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Range • Each string has a range of 2 _ octaves • The qin has a range of 4 _ octaves Categories of playing techniques • Open strings • Stopped strings • Harmonics Playing techniques
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Unformatted text preview: • 200 Left and right hand playing techniques • More than 40 vibrati and sliding techniques • More than 100 harmonics Wenzipu Œƒ ! ÷ "! (Literal notation) Jianzipu ºÚ ! ÷ "! (abbreviated notation) Modern qin notation Tablature illustration (1) String Technique RIGHT HAND LEFT HAND String Technique Finger Position Tablature illustration (2) String number: 5 Right hand technique: gou Gou on open string 5 Left hand: open string ( san ) Tablature illustration (3) String number: 7 Right hand technique: tiao Left hand finger: thumb Left hand position: 9 Tiao on string 7 stopped at position 9 Reading the notation Liu Shui ¡˜ÀÆ (Flowing Water) • 700 years old • Most famous Chinese classical composition • Zhiyin ÷™“Ù close friend/soul mate • Included on the gold CD on the Voyager spacecraft...
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13%20Wang%20Fei-lecture - • 200 Left and right hand...

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