stat5044FinalExamfall10v1 - STAT5044: Regression and ANOVA,...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT5044: Regression and ANOVA, Fall 2010 Final Exam on Dec 11 Your Name: Please make sure to specify all of your notations in each problem GOOD LUCK! 1 Problem# 1. A hospital administrator wished to study the relation between patient satisfaction ( Y ) and patients age ( X , in year) and severity of illness ( Z , an index). The administrator randomly selected 46 patients and collected the data. The larger values of Y and Z are, respectively, associated with more satisfaction, increased severity of illness. Based on scatter plot, this administrator assumed linear relationship between Y and X and between Y and Z . The ad- ministrator then fit multiple linear regression of Y on X and Z . Using residuals ( r ) obtained from this multiple regression, the administrator fit a linear regression of r on X and Z . The administrator found that there was no special relationships between Z and r . However, the administrator found that the scatter plot of X and r shows that r is increasing exponentially with increasing value of X . (a) What is appropriate model and assumption? (b) What are the distribution of the parameters? Justtify your answer (c) Are the estimator of covariate X independent of that of variance of error? Justify your answer (d) What is the slope of the regression of...
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stat5044FinalExamfall10v1 - STAT5044: Regression and ANOVA,...

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