14%20Chinese%20Music - musical diversity in China big...

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10/16/07 1 Lecture 14, Oct. 16 Music in China Early Chinese Life in the US 10/16/07 2 musical diversity in China big differences by region, social class, and ethnicity common people Note Witzleben’s comments at end of reading. imperial court had 10 types of music and dance from different areas under Chinese control or influence Recent Chinese governments have drawn on these resources to represent the Chinese people to themselves and to the world. Our concern is with music of Han majority. 10/16/07 3 Qin notation qin notation since 500 AD specific to qin, not for other instruments tablature = instructions how to play not pitches and rhythms room for interpretation — not improvisation — because of this leeway in the tablature notation 10/16/07 4 Compositional Characteristics qin compositions emphasize contrasts of timbre (open strings vs. stopped vs. harmonics) technique (scrapes, slides, vibrato, different types of ‘attack’) register (high, medium, and low) pieces tend to be 1. programmatic : often depict nature or a mood, evoke a story 2. multisectional : composed of several parts contrasting in tempo, volume, technique, timbre, rhythmic organization some of the purposes of this music: contemplation, reflecting the beauty of nature & particular moods
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10/16/07 5 Pitch resources most Chinese music is basically pentatonic: five main pitches two “extra” pitches may be used to enhance melody or
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14%20Chinese%20Music - musical diversity in China big...

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