23%20Klezmer - The Klezmer Revival What is klezmer? !...

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What is klezmer? Original Hebrew meaning: musical instrument Yiddish usage: a musician (plural klezmorim) Current meaning (since c. 1980): a type of music 1 Jews = race? ethnicity? religious group? American Jews: A Different European Compared to. .. Asian Americans African Americans Similar challenges: maintaining homeland culture vs fitting into mainstream America facing similar racist rhetoric and restrictions Differences: concept of “homeland” more problematic for Jews fewer barriers to acceptance into mainstream American society 2 1882-1924: 2.5 million Jews came from Eastern Europe Flourishing Yiddish culture centered in New York in first half of 20 th century Yiddish newspapers, radio, theater Tin Pan Alley, Broadway Musicians immigrated from Europe continued to perform the same music extension of European practice Jewish immigration to the US 3 Musical Characteristics Common textures: Variable instrumentation brass bands violin prominent in Europe --> clarinet in US Scale differs from ones we know Phrasing & ornaments (such as “weeping”) taken from
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23%20Klezmer - The Klezmer Revival What is klezmer? !...

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