Philosophy notes sep 4

Philosophy notes sep 4 - similarity matters : Made in US vs...

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Paley Teleological argument - Starts with purposefulness found in nature and argues to God as the purposeful designer Argument from Analogy - Draws upon the similarities of two things and attempts to establish a further similarity Form - A has attributes c, d, e, and f B has attributes c, d, e, Therefore, B probably has attribute F - Not 100% guarantee but very likely Ways to judge arguments from analogy - Are there any fallacies - Relevance of similarities - Number of relevant similarities - Nature and degree of disanalogies - Strength of the conclusion Ex. - 2000- Honda Accord EX. .. Automatic. .. CD changer. .. Made in US. .. New. .. Very reliable - 2008 Honda Accord EX. .. Manual. .. CD changer. .. Made in Japan. .. New. .. PROBABLY WILL BE RELIABLE JUDGEMENT: Red and Blue difference does not matter : Manual vs. automatic transmission may matter : CD changer similarity does not matter : New
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Unformatted text preview: similarity matters : Made in US vs Japan matters LOTS OF RELEVANT SIMILARITIES TO DRAW ON THAT LIKELY MEANS IT WILL BE RELIABLE PALEY COMPARED A WATCH TO THE UNIVERSE: Found a watch on the beach Watch: Complex. .. Motion. .. Purposefulness. .. Probably has a designer Universe: Complex. .. Motion. .. Purposefulness. THEREFORE THE UNIVERSE PROBABLY HAS A DESIGNER (GOD) I may not have the ability to make a watch, proving that people cannot do certain things, such as create the universe. STRENGTHS OF THIS ARGUMENT:- Being All Good, All Knowing, and All Powerful is a requirement for the creator because otherwise they would not be able to create all the complexities of the Universe- Would an All Good creator create plagues, natural disasters, poverty, etc.- All things could happen for a reason - Katrina could have been for prevention in the future...
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Philosophy notes sep 4 - similarity matters : Made in US vs...

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