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engl 1101 paper

engl 1101 paper - Nearly every morning as a child I woke up...

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Nearly every morning as a child, I woke up to the clanging and stomping of my brothers in my room. Simply reminiscing about their inconsideration for my much needed sleep still makes me angry today, however it concocted this memory which we can always look back on. Of course, they now apologize for waking up early, caring little about my presence and intensely feuding in an twenty-one point win-by-two basketball game on my six foot, Brookstone, glass backboard hoop that stood right beside my bed. While I respected their authority, many times I could not help but stare in awe of their abilities, which I have now realized do not compare to even the most mediocre high school players. Nonetheless, this basketball hoop and the arena it stood in were the creator of many injuries, fights but most importantly memories that will last us a lifetime. With the first bang on the backboard, I would get up and walk immediately downstairs to warn my parents about this disturbance. Soon after, I learned it likely was not in my best interest to be "ratting" them out, so I became a spectator. From here, my
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