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Assignment_4 - -Continuous stirred tank reactor(Fuzzy...

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ME697 Assignment #4 Due: 4/7/10 Spring 2010 1. Design and implement a fuzzy controller covered in the class (lecture note 5-#). There were 7 example problems (pick one): - Electromagnetic suspension system (fuzzy PID) - Two-link robot (Hybrid fuzzy) - DC servomotor speed control (Supervisory fuzzy) - Industrial temperature control (Self-organizing fuzzy) - Single stage rocket (Fuzzy model reference learning control)
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Unformatted text preview: -Continuous stirred tank reactor (Fuzzy model-based predictive control) -Nonlinear feremter with pressure dynamics (Fuzzy internal mode control) You will be presenting your implementation results in class on April 8. Note: The MABLAB programs must be submitted by email with the presentation slide by April 7....
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