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Topics for Presentation

Topics for Presentation - (2/11 • Recurrent neural...

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Topics for Presentation Requirement: 15-20 min. power point presentation. The presentation material must be submitted to Professor Shin 2 days before your designated presentation time for review and approval. Topics of choice: Dynamic back propagation: Isabelle Laureyns (2/4) Particle swam optimization: Rohit Hippalgaonkar (2/9) Enhanced version of ES: William Benjamin
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Unformatted text preview: (2/11) • Recurrent neural networks: Sidharth Balasubramaniam (1/26) • ANFIS: John Barns (1/26) • TS model extensions: Phuong Ngo (1/19) • Constructive training of recurrent neural networks : Tyler Davis (2/9) • Type 2 fuzzy systems: Grading: This accounts for 10% of the total points. Class evaluation: 50% Instructor’s evaluation: 50%...
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