AAE%20204HW7 - exam 2, scheduled for Wednesday, 23 March...

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AAE 204 Fall 2011 - Homework #7 Due start of class on Wednesday, 9 March 2011 The purpose of homework assignments is for students to gain further understanding of classroom principles through application to practical problems. Although discussion of assignments between students is permitted, the solution must represent your own efforts and understanding of the problem. Blatant copies of the solutions will not be accepted, and repeated evidence of copying will lead to failure of the course. The textbook referred to herein is: J. M. Gere and B. J. Goodno, Mechanics of Materials , 7 th Edition, 2009, Cengage Learning. Note: since this is last HW assignment before Exam 2, late submissions will only be accepted until class time on Friday, 11 March. This will allow us to post solutions to study prior to
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Unformatted text preview: exam 2, scheduled for Wednesday, 23 March (after spring break) Problem 1 Please do problem 7.2-6 in the textbook. Problem 2 Please do problem 7.3-6 in the textbook. Problem 3 Please do problem 7.5-1 in the textbook. Problem 4 Please do problem 7.4-16 in the textbook. Problem 5 (old exam problem) The state of plane stress shown below exists at a point in a material that has an elastic modulus E = 10,000, 000 psi, poisson’s ratio = 1/3, and shear modulus G = 3,750,000 psi. a. Assuming elastic behavior, determine the six values of strain at this point: ε x , ε y , ε z , γ xy , γ xz , and γ yz b. Determine the three principal stresses at this point. c. Determine the value of the maximum shear stress at this point. z y x τ xy = 3 ksi σ y = 3 ksi (compression) σ x = 5 ksi (tension)...
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AAE%20204HW7 - exam 2, scheduled for Wednesday, 23 March...

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