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AAE 204 Fall 2011 Homework #10 Due start of class on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 The purpose of homework assignments is for students to gain further understanding of classroom principles through application to practical problems. Although discussion of assignments between students is permitted, the solution must represent your own efforts and understanding of the problem. Blatant copies of the solutions will not be accepted, and repeated evidence of copying will lead to failure of the course. The textbook referred to herein is: J. M. Gere and B. J. Goodno, Mechanics of Materials , 7 th Edition, 2009, Cengage Learning. Problem 1 Please do part a. of Problem 5.5-4 in the textbook. (You do not need to do part b described in the textbook, but you might consider how its solution would differ from part b.) A simply supported wood beam AB with span length L = 4 m carries a uniform load of intensity q = 5.8 kN/m (see figure). a. Calculate the maximum bending stress σ max due to the load q if the beam has a rectangular cross section with b = 140 mm and height h = 240 mm.
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Please do Problem 5.5-19 in the textbook. A beam ABC with an overhang from B to C supports a uniform load of 200 lb/ft throughout its length (see figure). The beam is a channel section with dimensions as shown in the figure. The moment of inertia about the z axis (the neutral axis) equals 8.13 in 4 . Calculate the maximum tensile stress
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aae204_HW10 - AAE 204 Fall 2011 Homework#10 Due start of...

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