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ACIS HW 1 - he can still be provided with information...

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ACIS HW 1 MIS Page 18 #23a, c-e 23a. What is information made of? Information is made of multiple pieces of data that are presented in a certain way to enable expansion of knowledge. c. If you give a copy of your transcript to a prospective employer, is that information? If you show that same transcript to your dog, is it still information? Where is the information? If you provide a prospective employer with your transcript, you are providing them information about your school and grades. It is information because the transcript is made up of pieces of data that combine together to provide knowledge to someone. If you show it to your dog, it should still be information because even though the dog is not a human,
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Unformatted text preview: he can still be provided with information. Information is located on the paper because that is where the data is also located. d. Give your own best definition of information. Information is combined pieces of data that are shown in order to give the most meaningful result. e. Explain how you think it is possible that we have an industry called the information technology industry, but we have great difficulty defining the word information. Information is very useful groups of data and because the uses of it are so abundant, the definition becomes more difficult and complex to come up with....
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