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Unformatted text preview: Genome Management and the Nucleosome (Segal et al.) DNA Packing in Viruses Structure of Packed DNA Baker Lab-UCSD Jiang et al. Lander et al. Cerritelli et al. G e n o m ic m a te r ia l tig h tly p a c k e d in o r d e r e d a r r a n g e m e n ts . T h e s e p ic tu r e s o f p a c k a g e d D N A a r e a ju m p in g o ff p o in t fo r o u r m o d e ls o f th e c o n fin e d D N A . HIV RNA Packing??? (Turner and Summers) Chromosome Geography in Vibrio y o r iC I Probability Probability x o r iC I I x (Theriot et al.) R e p li c a t i o n o r i g i n s a r e c o n f i n e d ! y The Chromosome as a Polymer Blob b=2P Electron Microscopy Images of the Nucleosome Dissecting the Nucleosome Electron Microscopy of Higher Order Structures AFM Images of the Nucleosome Nu This image was obtained with purified chromatin fragments from chicken erythroid, using the cryo-AFM. It is seen that all the linker DNA is resolved directly, and the lateral dimensions of the nucleosome are similar to those determined by electron microscopy, and are only slightly greater than that from crystallography. The resolution her eis generally higher than that at room temperature. This was at low salt. The orientation of the nucleosomes appears to be random. With this purification (low salt), linker histones are supposed to be retained. Atomic-Level Structure of the Nucleosome Atomic-Level Structure of the Nucleosome (Richmond and Davey, 2003) Higher Order Structure Measurements of Equilibrium Accessibility (Anderson and Widom) The Role of DNA Sequence (Cloutier and Widom) Nucleosomes Care About Positioning (Segal et al.) Consequences of Nucleosome Positioning (Segal et al.) ...
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