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Bi1_2011_EC_wyo - extension that goes into more detail...

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Bi1 2011 extra credit In an effort to address some your concerns about Bi1 problem sets, we are offering you an extra credit opportunity to write a Bi1 question yourself. Any question submitted that follows the guidelines below will be credited 2 overall percentage points. Exceptional questions that will be credited additional points. General guidelines for question: 1. Questions should be challenging and intellectually stimulating. Do not submit questions in which the answers are given simply by reading the textbook, lecture slides, or Wikipedia. Such questions will not receive credit. 2. In the beginning of the question reference the relevant reading material (textbook pages, website, scientific paper, etc.). Try to make your question an
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Unformatted text preview: extension that goes into more detail about something that is covered in the textbook or the lectures. If your question is based on a scientific paper, ask about the data presented in that paper (and include a pdf of the paper with your question). 3. If your question involves a technique to measure or evaluate something, you can ask questions about the technique that was used in an experiment. Note that the end of the textbook includes a section (numbered starting on page B1) that introduces many of the common techniques used in biological experiments. 4. If relevant, ask about the positive and negative controls used in an experiment or what controls should be used. 5. Include answers to all of your questions....
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