Bi1_2011_Midterm_solution - Bi1 The Biology and Biophysics...

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Unformatted text preview: Bi1: The Biology and Biophysics of Viruses Spring 2011 Midterm Exam Due Monday, May 2, 2011 at 4:00 P.M. in the Bi 1 closet Name: ANSWER KEY ___________________________________________________ Section # : _______________________________________________________________ Mail Code : ______________________________________________________________ TA Names : _____________________________________________________________ Date and Time turned in : _________________________________________________ Number of pages including this one : ________________________________________ AFTER YOU FINISH: How long did it take you to complete this exam? __________________________________ Go to the Bi1 moodle site at and take the midterm survey. There are 5 questions total. The number of parts to each question is listed at the beginning of each; be sure to answer all the parts! Grade: Problem 1 __________/25 Part 1: Problem 2 __________/25 Problem 3 __________/30 Problem 4 __________/40 Part 2: Problem 5 __________/40 TOTAL: ______________ /120 PLEASE FULLY READ THE MIDTERM INSTRUCTIONS LOCATED ON THE NEXT TWO PAGES. REMEMBER TO INCLUDE THIS COVER PAGE WITH YOUR EXAM. Choose ONE problem to answer in Part 2. Cross out the problem you do not answer. Answer ALL problems in Part 1. Page 2 of 37 Exam Instructions: This is an open book test . You may use: o Lecture slides and reading, available at the Bi 1 Midterm Resources page: o A calculator (for computations only) o An English language dictionary o The Bi 1 Glossary (PDF available at the Bi 1 Midterm Resources page) o The course textbook, Freeman Biological Science (2/E or 3/E) o Notes you wrote during the course in your own hand or on your computer o Handouts and slides from TAs o Problem sets, and solutions as posted to the Bi 1 Midterm Resources page o You may not use any other web resources, any other reference material, or work together with another student while taking this exam. As described on the Bi 1 Policies page of the course website, you may use a computer as a word processor to complete the exam. Remember you are bound by the honor code while taking this exam. You have 4 hours to complete the exam. Before you begin working, you may take up to 45 minutes for Part 1 and 30 minutes for Part 2 to read over the questions (even if you take less than the time allotted to read, you still only have 2 hours once you begin writing). If you go over time, please indicate so by a line drawn at that point in your answer. Overtime work will be awarded partial credit (at least 50%). You may TIME LIMIT: Part 1: 45 minutes to read Part 1. 2.5 hours to write. You may use extra time from Part 1 in the writing section of Part 2....
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Bi1_2011_Midterm_solution - Bi1 The Biology and Biophysics...

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