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Bi1x, Spring 2009 Grading Rubric Overall Grade 1. Lab Notebooks (incl. prelabs—to be checked in lab) - 25% 2. Data Analysis (to be turned in) - 20% 3. Lab Performance - 10% 4. Journal Clubs - 15% 5. Final project/presentation - 30% Lab Notebooks: Keeping an up-to-date and accurate record of your work in lab will account for 25% of your overall grade. This grade will be divided into two sections: (1) experimental information including the purpose, methods used, and results obtained from your time in lab (15% of overall grade), and (2) the pre-lab questions (10% of overall grade). Please save the first two pages of your lab notebook for a table of contents page and list all of your experiments and their page number here after every class. Pre-lab questions will be designed to help you be prepared for your experiment. Your notebooks will be checked in class for completeness and turned in later to be graded for
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Unformatted text preview: accuracy. Example Notebook Setup: Already in notebook when you ARRIVE in lab: -Date -Title of Experiment -Purpose of experiment in one or two sentences. (What you are trying to find out and how you plan to do that. Note that in some cases, the experiment is not so much to find something out, but rather just to do a procedure that is part of some larger overall objective.) -Pre-Lab Questions (if applicable) To be filled in during lab:-Methods & Data: Bullet-point outline of what you did in lab, including what materials and instruments were used and your calculations, as well as any associated data. This is separate from data analysis activities, which are turned in for a separate grade. -Any observations or notes you think might be important for future reference....
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