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Page 1 of 3 Bi 1X, Spring 2011 Final Projects Presentations: In the final presentations, each person in the group will have 5 minutes (i.e. each group will have 15-20 minutes depends on the number of people in your group) to give a visual and verbal presentation (PowerPoint or keynote will be fine) in which you link one or several of the great ideas of biology to a scientific topic that interests you. For example, if you are a Chemical Engineering major interested in energy, you could make a presentation on efforts to develop biofuels. If you are a Geology major, perhaps you will write on how fossils and molecular approaches allow us to comment on the history of life on Earth, etc. Or perhaps, you are just interested in all of the hype surrounding swine flu. The bottom line is that you will be judged on your logic, creativity, the quality of your evidence, the quality of your presentation and your ability to tie your discussion to the material you have learned this term. 16s Portfolio: Over the past weeks we have used experiments to explore the big project of the course: collecting 16S sequences of the bacteria in the pond to answer an important question: who is in the pond? The goal of your portfolio is to construct a narrative that captures the logic, the methods and the results of the work we have done this term and how this has gotten us these sequences. We want you to cover the entire 16S project in the portfolio, step by step, with pictures and summaries of your methods, and have you make a clear description what you have done in this course. This
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Bi1X_Final_Guidelines_v2_2011 - Bi 1X, Spring 2011 Final...

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