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ACIS HW 3 MIS Page 67 #26 a-h a. Is the existing equipment sufficient for the anticipated workloads? If not, what new hardware is needed? b. Because answering the workload questions is much easier if the key company employees who will be most affected by the decision made are asked for their advice, I will ask them what they think is necessary for the company’s workload demands to be met. I would have to do this on the very next day of work. The quality of their answers will be judged based on my projections for the workload and whether or not I agree with their input. c. Is the existing hardware functioning well enough to meet the everyday demands of the employees? Or does it need to be replaced? d. I would ask my employees what they think of the existing hardware, and determine if all or maybe none of it needs replacing. The quality of these answers
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Unformatted text preview: will be judged based on their beliefs, and parallelism between them and what I believe is correct. e. What kind of hardware is used on a consistent basis amongst the employees? Does this hardware effectively get the job done? f. Ask my employees yet again, and determine if their answers seem similar to mine. If we somewhat agree or they bring up a good point then my exact beliefs of the need for new hardware may change. g. Is the money just for hardware? Or both hardware and software? Is it for the PCs used by employees? Or is it for those PCs and also for departmental servers, networks, and other overhead expenses? h. Talking to the boss between now and the deadline is the best way to get a valid answer. The boss should know the answer to all of the questions and make the decision much easier to make....
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