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Bi1x, Spring 2010 Week 2, Session 1 Collecting Samples Centrifuging Power Bead Tubes Freezing Collecting Samples: Using a 50 mL conical tube and gloves, take a sample from the pond. You will need at least 0.25 g of soil at the end of the procedure. Be sure to record in your notebook which pond you selected from, where in the pond and any characteristics about the location you think are important. Centrifuging: To get a wet soil sample, we will centrifuge the tubes to get all the soil, organisms and bacteria collected at the bottom. Find a partner and make sure your tubes have equal mass to balance the centrifuge.
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Unformatted text preview: A TA will help you load and start the centrifuge. Afterwards, remove the supernatant, leaving just the pellet. (A muddy pellet is ok.) A macropipettor is useful here. PowerSoil Kit Prep Remove the beads and solution from PowerBead Tube and transfer into another sterile microcentrifuge tube. Add 0.25g of your wet soil sample to PowerBead Tube and centrifuge at room temperature for 30 seconds at 10,000 x g . Remove as much liquid as possible with a pipet. Add beads and bead solution back to PowerBead Tube and place on ice. These will be frozen and saved for the protocol tomorrow....
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