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Week4_prelab_RE - Bi1x Spring 2010 Week 4 Prelab...

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Bi1x – Spring 2010 Week 4 Prelab: Restriction enzymes A. Restriction enzymes are proteins that recognize specific sequences at which they cut the DNA. Two commonly-used restriction enzymes are HindIII and EcoRI. i. Look up the recognition sequences that these enzymes cut and make a sketch of the pattern of cutting they carry out. To answer this question go to the Enzyme Finder in the New England Biolabs (NEB) website, http://www.neb.com/nebecomm/EnzymeFinderSearchByName.asp and enter the name of the restriction enzyme you are interested in (make sure you search by "name"). Find the double-stranded (two rows) sequence; the forward slashes indicate where the backbone of the DNA is cleaved. ii. Consider the roughly 48,000 bp genome of λ (lambda) phage, a bacterial virus, and make an estimate, based on simple probability arguments, of the lengths of the fragments that you would get if the DNA is cut by either HindIII or EcoRI.
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