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Bi114 Problem Set 1 Due by 5pm, Thursday, January 27th Problems sets may be dropped off at Church 275 or emailed to [email protected] 1. Read Blander & Medzhitov 2006 Nature a) What does the localization of I-A b indicate (e.g. Fig. 1a vs 1b)? Please explain. b) In Fig. 3, what evidence did the authors provide to demonstrate that an antigen needs to be in the same cargo with a TLR ligand (e.g. LPS) to elicit antigen-specific immune response? Based on the data in Fig. 3, please explain why in Fig. 2a, co-stimulation of EAP + apoptotic cells and OVA + E. coli leads to the presentation of only OVA but not EAP. c) What does the Ii degradation assay measure (e.g. Fig. 4a)? Please explain. d) A mouse was sacrificed. Bone marrow was washed out of the bones by needle aspiration. Cells were cultured for ten days with GM-CSF. By day 10, 90% of cells in culture were mouse dendritic cells. A fraction of the cells were lysed using a protein lysis buffer. Mouse dendritic cells were treated with microspheres containing equal amounts of either
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