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Bi114 Final Exam- 2011

Bi114 Final Exam- 2011 - 2011 Bi114 Final Exam NAME Due...

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2011 Bi114 Final Exam NAME:_________ _________ _____________________________________ Due Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 5pm Please return the completed exam to 275 Church (Sarkis Mazmanian’s office) no later than 5pm. Please make sure to hand the exam to Sarkis directly. If he is not in the office, please deliver the exam to a member of the laboratory, record their name and time you submitted the exam. You can also email the corrected exam directly to Sarkis. Exams handed in at any time later than 5pm sharp will not be scored. No extensions for submitting the exam will be considered without a doctor’s note verifying a current medical condition This is a closed everything exam, which includes textbook, papers, notes, internet, discussion with anyone else, etc. You have 4 hours to take the exam, with a 30 minute break. The timed portion is 4 hours, so that you can stop the clock for one 30 minute period, but must resume with the exam immediately. Therefore, the exam has to be completed within 4 hours and 30 minutes after you first begin. You may not open any class-related material during the 30 minute break. Throughout the exam, please bear in mind that for many of the questions there are several correct answers. There are also incorrect answers. What we are looking for are feasible responses or approaches that will work to answer the questions. Credit will be deducted for incorrect answers.
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you with a focused idea of what is being asked of you. Question #1 What TLR(s) recognize: 1. LPS 2. Flagellin 3. dsRNA 4. CpG Question #2 What are the names of 3 cytoplasmic adapter molecules used in TLR signaling that either directly or indirectly bind to the intracellular domains of TLRs? What are the names of the immediate downstream molecular targets for these adapters (i.e., that molecule(s) do the adapter proteins physically interact with? Question #3 NF- κ B is a transcription factor that controls innate immune genes in response to TLR activation. Describe the details of the process of events (molecular mechanism) of how NF- B signaling occurs (i.e, how is NF- questions in the figure.
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Bi114 Final Exam- 2011 - 2011 Bi114 Final Exam NAME Due...

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