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Bi150 PS2_2011 - Bi150 Problem Set 2 Due Tuesday October...

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Bi150 Problem Set 2 Due: Tuesday, October 18 th 2011 at 4:30 P.M. At the “Bi 150 Box” 3 rd floor of Kerckhoff in front of Room 326 (The building may be locked after 5 P.M.) INSTRUCTIONS Please: 1) Turn in your work with this cover page. 2) Use separate sheets of paper for the answer to each question, so that grading can proceed in parallel 3) Write or type your answers neatly . 4) Put your name on each page of your answers. Name: ______________________________________________________ Section #: ___________________________________________________ Mail Code: ___________________________________________________ TA Name: ___________________________________________________ Date and Time turned in: _______________________________________ Number of pages including this one:_______________________________ There are 3 questions. Grade and Comments: 1__________________ 2__________________ 3__________________ Total: ______________
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Problem 1. Action potentials (1.5 points) A. (0.5 point) Generation V 1 a. In a typical neuron’s cell body, the experimenter gives a series of current pulses (top trace). The smallest pulse gives an axon potential, as indicated (bottom trace). Draw the remaining part of the bottom trace, showing the qualitative and approximate trend in number and shape of action potentials. b. The generation of action potentials is a regenerative or positive-feedback process. Explain the mechanism of positive feedback during action potential generation. B. (1.0 point) Propagation This question deals with the influence of an axon’s diameter on its basic properties. Use the simulation program on the website: (You may need to restart your browser occasionally) Use the “V vs x” option. Click on “axon parameters” and make “Max gNa” and “Max gK” zeros, to examine passive properties of membrane. Open “Stimulus” and make the duration of current injection long enough (e.g. 20 msec). You
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Bi150 PS2_2011 - Bi150 Problem Set 2 Due Tuesday October...

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