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ACIS HW 5 - ACIS HW 5 MIS Page 147#15 a-d#18 a-d b A...

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ACIS HW 5 MIS Page 147 #15 a-d; #18 a-d b. A: Purchase 7 modems, and set them up so that each has their own separate internet connection. B: Purchase a central network that everyone can connect to, and Ethernet cords to connect each computer up to the lone modem. c. Alternative A is more costly, but may require less maintenance. Its performance should be better than Alternative B because each connection is independent, and Network traffic would not be a problem here. It’s more difficult to buy more modems and set up new connections than it is to buy more network cables to meet increasing growth demand. Alternative B is going to be cheaper, but maintenance costs could get expensive. Its performance is not going to be as efficient because of the traffic on the network and possible outages that could put the whole company in a pickle. It will be easy to expand the network for company growth, but more management time, financial risks, and technical risks are involved.
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