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BI/CNS 150 FINAL EXAMINATION, 2011 You may read only this page before beginning the exam. This examination contributes 30% of your total course grade . There are five questions in the exam, please answer four. (If you answer five, we will pick a random 4 of those to grade). The exam will be graded out of 30 points, 7.5 for each question. Please indicate clearly which questions you answered, and please be sure to answer each question on separate pages. This examination covers lectures and reading material through the entire course. This exam is 11 pages long, including this cover page. Please make sure you have all the pages before you start. Four hours are permitted for completion of the exam. Use the first 15 minutes or so to read all of the questions calmly and choose which four to answer. You may take one break up to 30 minutes (which does not count towards the 4 hour maximum), but during the break you are not allowed to refer to any material that could be helpful for the exam. Please be as succinct and clear as possible; if we are unable to read your answer, you will not get credit for it. If time expires, you may draw a line across the page and complete your answer. Credit may be given for answers completed in this manner, up to a maximum of 50% of the credit you would have received had the material been written within the allotted time. This mechanism is intended for completing answers with a relatively small addition of overtime material; it is not intended for answering an entire question after time is up. You may refer to lecture notes, this year's problem sets, and your textbook to complete this exam. You may also use a calculator or computer, if desired. You may not collaborate or discuss questions or answers with anyone else before the exam due date. You may not use the Internet while taking the exam. If you feel that you need to make any further assumptions about any of the problems, feel free to write your assumption by your answer and the reason that you needed to make that assumption. You must answer each question on a separate sheet of paper and write your name, page number, and question number on every sheet . Fill out this cover sheet and staple it to the front of your exam. Completed exams are due by 5:00 PM on Friday, December 9 . You may place them in the Bi 150 mailbox in front of room 326, Kerckhoff. Late exams will not be scored, unless you have a valid excuse from the registrar. NAME:_________________________________________________________________ Section: ________________________________________________________________ Mail Code: ______________________________________________________________ TA Name: ______________________________________________________________ Date and Time turned in: ___________________________________________________ Number of Pages: ________________________________________________________ 1
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1. Learning and Memory (7.5 Points) A. (4 points total) a. In the late 1800’s, Ivan Pavlov performed an experiment in which dogs were taught to
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