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Glycine gly G Alanine ala A Valine val V Leucine leu L Methionine met M Isoleucine Ile I Polar, Uncharged R groups Non-polar, aliphatic R groups Proline pro P Phenylalanine phe F Tryptophan trp W Tyrosine tyr Y Aromatic R groups Serine ser S Threonine thr T Cysteine cys C Asparagine asn N Glutamine gln Q Special Cases Aspartate asp D Glutamate glu E Arginine arg R Histidine
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Unformatted text preview: his H Lysine lys K Acidic R groups Basic R groups Protein Sidechains (N C) dGuanosine monophosphate dGMP G dAdenosine monophosphate dAMP A dCytidine monophosphate dCMP C dThymidine monophosphate dTMP T Nitrogenous Bases in DNA (5 3)...
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