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BMB170a_2011_Final_instructions - Instructions for BMB...

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Unformatted text preview: Instructions for BMB 170a Final Finals are due Dec. 9th (Fri) at 5pm in a box outside of Bil’s office (157 Broad). The exam is 3- hours and you will have use of lecture notes, texts and course material. You will not be allowed to discuss the exam with others and all the work should be your own. You are not allowed to use online resources and non- word processing software. PDF readers are acceptable but you cannot use search options. You cannot consult exams from prior years. You will be tested based purely on lecture notes and problem sets. Please be sure to have a firm grasp of the ideas presented in both cases. For short answer questions you will be expected to write about 5 to 6 sentences. This exam seeks to test that you have a broad understanding of the ideas presented in class. You will have about 10 minutes per question so be concise. You won’t be expected to describe minutiae. You should open the exam and print out a copy (there is a cover page). There are figures that will require you to label. For the rest of the answers, you are encouraged to use a word processor but it is not a requirement. If you do type your exam on a computer you don’t have to count time for printing out. If you write your exam by hand you must be sure that your answers are clearly legible. You won’t get credit for answers that can’t be read. Where figures are required you can write or print them out separately and attach them at the end (don’t get caught up in formatting!). Please make sure that you clearly reference the text. As many of you haven’t had an exam like this before you should be aware that it is a very strict time limit. You should not look at the exam until you start the timer, which should be set when you start. You should stop immediately when the 3- hour time limit is reached. You can do work after the time limit is up but you cannot expect credit for this. In this case you must note explicitly any work done after the timer is finished. This is done purely on the honor system. We will consider this in grading so please don’t cheat; you only hurt your peers. PLEASE CONTACT BIL OR HARRY IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE OPENING THE FINAL!!! ...
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