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Basics of Laboratory Technique: Chem 5a Lab 2003 General: Conduct every experiment as if it is the most important reaction you have ever performed. .. it could be !! Here are some very basic guidelines: 1. Think about every aspect of an experiment (how to set it up, which reagents to use, how you will work it up) before you start. Fully understand the mechanism of the reaction, the expected products (and by-products), and the nature of the reagents used before you start. If something goes wrong, you may have very little time to take corrective action to avert disastrous consequences. Optimize reactions on small scale first, to minimize wasting your material in large runs. 2. All glassware should be spotless. 3. Oven dry reaction glassware and be cautious of materials that you are using (i.e., air and moisture sensitive reagents). 4. Weigh out materials cautiously. Quantify everything! 5. TLC every reaction multiple times-- From the first 30 seconds on ! TLC is the cheapest easiest
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