5 - sources (notebook page on which the compound was made...

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NOTEBOOK The laboratory notebook should be well-organized and clear. Anyone looking at it should be able to determine exactly what was done and should be able to reproduce the experiment. Therefore, it is essential that the notebook be maintained during the course of the experiment, not afterward. All entries must be made using an ink pen. Any errors should be crossed out with a single line and the correction written above or next to the error. The notebook itself may be purchased in the stockroom and should be a bound volume with numbered and lined pages. A proper notebook page should contain the following information: 1. The date. 2. The reaction being attempted, with appropriate references to the chemical literature. 3. A list of all reagents and solvents used, including molecular weights,
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Unformatted text preview: sources (notebook page on which the compound was made or company from which it was purchased, including lot number and date), equivalents used, amounts used (mmol and weight or volume), and any relevant physical properties (density, boiling point, etc.). 4. A detailed procedure, including observations made during the reaction and a sketch of the experimental apparatus if it consists of more than simply a flask. 5. The yield of the reaction, including melting point if the product is a solid. 6. Copies of TLC plates, labeled with the eluent solvent system, developing method, identifiable spots, and R f values. 7. A list of spectra taken, where each spectrum is labeled with the notebook page on which the corresponding experimental appears. VI VII VIII...
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5 - sources (notebook page on which the compound was made...

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